• Galatasaray

    Turkiye ' ranking 5th in the world transfer market. The amount of money spent in transfers is un imaginable. Success rate in international transfer is very low. Based on the number of unsuccessful international transfers, it can be said that the average transfer loss per team is 5.000.000 EURO per year. And this is recurring cost each year.

  • Scouting Certification Program

    When 'Team gutto.biz' involved with Fenerbahce Youth Department project which was resulted in 4 youth players taking good amount of game time in the senior team and U15 becoming the champions of Europe; we discovered an interesting fact

  • Gallipoli Tri Nations Tournament

    In Turkish, the acronym 'gutto' stands for 'Gallipoli International Trade Representation Organisation'. The significance of Gallipoli is the ANZAC nations relationship born on the battlefields of WWI and the principals and understanding they now share.

  • Fenerbahçe

    How did Team gutto.biz assist the Fenerbahce youth department for achieving this result' The project also resulted in 4 youth players to be transferred to the senior team