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Originated from Australia, our firm services football teams and agents with football scouting and match analysis technology expertise since 2007 in Istanbul-Turkey. We are still the only scouting firm operating in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran area with the motto established on scouting development, not only in Turkey, but around the world.



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Analytical “know-how in football”; 10 years with Wyscout 15 years SportsCode analysis and scouting programs with experience in training and representation; 4 years in education life “Department of Econometrics of the Faculty of Economics of Istanbul University” and “Computer Programming” in Marmara University for a  year; and a trainee joined Wollongong University’s Australian MBA program as an “expert” in the international football community. He is known as the person who brought Scouting to Turkey.

Tarkan Batgün

Founder, Scouting Expert


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Tarkan Batgun TRT Spor Scissors Program

Tarkan Batgun TRT Spor Scissors Program

Teams in Antalya for camps and Tarkan Batgun reviews the current transfer trends in TRT Spor Scissors Program, being the key note guest of Fatih Demirtas and Mustafa Yaldız in friendly format. Please click to the below link to view the program summary:...

Tarkan Batgun TRT Spor Studio Program

Tarkan Batgun TRT Spor Studio Program

Tarkan Batgun is invited main TRT Ankara studios to be the guest of Fatih Demirbas, main subject being scouting link from youth teams to the senior teams progress. Please click on to the below link to view the program:

Wyscout Head office visit

Wyscout Head office visit

Wyscout proudly launches the 5th edditon. New exciting tools including Wyscout Graphix and newly built Wyscout for Referees will bring another revolutionary tool to the world of football. Sentio cooperation is also on the way to investigate teams in wide angle footage...


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