About Us

Originated from Australia, our firm services football teams and agents with football scouting and match analysis technology expertise since 2007 in Istanbul-Turkey. We are still the only scouting firm operating in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran area with the motto established on scouting development, not only in Turkey, but around the world. We provide transfer advice and player analysis to teams, player analysis to FIFA Licensed player agents across the globe.


Our team represents Wyscout in Turkish Super League, TFF 1. League, Spor Toto 2-3 leagues, Azerbaijan 1st and 2nd Leagues, Iran Super League and lower leagues.

gutto.biz Scouting also is the distributor of Sportstec by Hudl match analysis software, also responsible from education of the systems in Turkey.

First letters of our registered company name:

gelibolu (gallipoli)

uluslararası (international)

ticaret (trade)

temsilcilik (represention)

organizasyon (organisation) Ltd Şti  form the word “gutto”

In Turkish, the acronym “gutto” stands for “Gallipoli International Trade Representation Organisation”. The significance of Gallipoli is the ANZAC nations relationship born on the battlefields of WWI and the principals and understanding they now share. Surf board on our logo represents our unique Australian origin while the colour of Blue’s resemblance comes from the Turquoise Turkish waters.

Our scout experts provide detailed player analysis whether by live scouting or electronic reporting to teams and agents market. Expert scouts are able to conduct live analysis of players and teams with required analysis formats in 7 different regions in Turkey.


Our team of experts also develops scouting, match and referee analysis TV concepts to media organisations.


İcadiye Caddesi, Bicanefendi Sok. No:4/2 Kat: 1 Kuzguncuk / İstanbul

(+216) 343 9669

[email protected]