Hurriyet Newspaper Interview with Tarkan Batgun

Hurriyet newspaper interviews one of the best scout expert in the world and shares with you the importance of Turkish professional footballer’s numbers across Europe:

According to Wyscout data, there are 4.454 Turkish Professional players in Europe. And this data is on increase every year. That means there will be a lot of Ahmet’s and Mehmet’s around Europe in the very near future. If anyone said this will happen in Europe 10 years ago, nobody would believe it. However, it is a true-blue truth. One can still argue whether we consider these players Turks, or Turkish origin players, regardless, they all carry Turkish names. Some choosing their European country where they live, some play for the Turkish National Teams.

Here is the interesting data, which includes the professional players from the age of 19, and the league data deepens down to even the 5th leagues:

  • Germany: 3,902
  • Austria: 247
  • Switzerland: 206